What size did you ask to be? And did it actually happen for you?

  • B Cup cutie
  • 2 years ago

I want to be a big B or small C...Right now they look like an A cup..LOL!! Im 6 days post op.

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Before my BR I was a H cup. I am now 15 days post-op and I am wearing a full C- small D.
I was a 32DD, my surgery was April 23rd and I wanted to be a bigA/smallB. I am 3 wks and 2 days after surgery and I'm measuring as a D :-( hoping lots more swelling to go away. Hopefully we both end up with what we want but I'm learning from reading here that it cold take up to 6 months to know tru size. Yours is the first story reading tough that is smaller right after surgery than what you want final result to be. Good luck and make sure you are patient and careful with recovery. You will start to feel better and want to be active but remember to still take it easy. Again good luck.
Thomasina...Congrats on getting a BR!! Isnt it wonderful?? As far as size goes from what I have read it can go both ways... I have seen many who went down a size and very many who went up a size when everything was healed. Im sure you look FABULOUS!!! I need to definitely take ur advice about taking it easy...I did waaay too much today and now im exhausted..LOL!!