Sixty and scared to pieces!

  • katydid2012
  • 1 year ago

I admit it!  I am having a breast lift with augmentation and a TT on 5-21-13.  I had my pre op visit today.  How demoralizing!  Photos!  Ugh!  Measurements!  Double ugh!  I know it has to be done but I was in tears.  I have been planning on this for the past 5 years.  I am healthy, exercise, do not smoke or drink and am otherwise  very healthy. I am woried about the toll this will take on my fiancee.  He thinks I am perfect the way I am..(so sweet, right!)  But I have had these saggy boobs and droopy stomach for too long.  I deserve this!  But I do have moments where I think I am absolutely CRAZY for doing this.  So....if any of you older gals have been through this, please fill me in on how you managed your feelings and recovery.  Thanks!

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Hoping everything went well. Happy healing
Hi, I'm turning 50 this year who had a MM in March. I only wish I had done it a few years back. However, going from 40 to 50 the belly bulged more and the breasts were competing for lap space. Your fiancee will be pleased simply because you will feel great about yourself, more comfortable in your body. It's not about looking good, but feeling good. The looking good is an incentive but not the primary reason, I feel so much more comfortable in my new body. My husband loved my body, it was the wounds and marks from our history, but he is so happy with how I've changed mentally. Although recovery is tough, the tt is very painful, but having the breast done at the same time is great. I had absolutely no pain since the tt was hogging it all. Stay with your meds, rest a lot and take a gentle laxative as soon as you can. You won't be hungry afterwards. Stay with protein drinks and water. Us older gals need the protein to keep us going so that we can heal. Check out my pictures. I have a wound but have no regrets. It's a small price to pay for how good I feel about myself. Post pictures and comments. We're all here to help you!

Hi there,

Sorry about your anxiety! I know it's a big surgery with a lot to think about. Here's a 57 year old woman who posted back in October about her MM. 

Please keep us posted on your journey. You can do this!