Does anyone have situation similar to mine? How is it fixed?

  • sfSusan
  • 1 year ago

I had Asian Double Eyelid surgery many years ago. But the crease was too high especially near my inner corner. The crease shape doesn't fit my eye shape at all. I was unhappy with the results. Against my husband's objection, recently I insisted and got a revision surgery to lower the crease near the inner corner and center. After 7 weeks, I see the crease near the inner corner of my eyes is still too high. Will it shrink?  The Dr. said right now it's too early to tell and it will shrink.  But I don't have faith on it. I am afraid that the result wouldn't be better than before. I don't want perfection. I only want the crease shape suits my eye shape. Is it possible to get what I want. Should I get another revision if the results turns out bad?  How many revisions can be done to our eyelid without damaging it?    How does Dr. lower the crease? Does anyone encounter similar situation?  How is it fixed?  My husband recommends me to see a psychologist now.

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i had the same thing happen to me....