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Has anyone on this site from Memphis, Tn. had a tt? Or heard about any doctors to use.

  • ttreally
  • Memphis, Tn.
  • 3 years ago

I am trying to find a tt doctor, there are several listed on the net & I have read all I can find about them. But I don't know anyone that has had a tt to ask for referrals. One of the doctors I have found a lot about is on this site and I like his posts. But just wondered if you guys knew any?

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You're right, that particular doctor seems very passionate about what he does and seems to have great things said about him. In my time here, I haven't read one negative word about him. He even joined my FB page Moms Who Want Their Bodies Back and comments there from time to time.

Good luck! And let us know how it goes.

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There have definitely been some Memphis tummy tuck patients who've posted reviews here on RealSelf. Check this one out:

Full Tummy Tuck Without Lipo

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Yes that is the doctor I was talking about, I have read most of his post and searched the internet for local specialist. He is the one that always pops up. Well not only him, but when it comes to tt, he is the one! I made an appointment with him today for 12/8/10. I can't wait! I also have emailed the lady that made that post and she has only wonderful things to say.
It is really hard to find someone locally to ask about tt doctors, so I'm hoping I will love him when we meet.
Seems like most of the ps here specialize in faces or breast, with tt thrown in.
Thank for responding and let me know if anyone else knows of one I should see.
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