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has anybody had mr singh from transform for rhinoplasty??

  • dean1989
  • 1 year ago

I am booked in for december with mr singh from transform at the hospital in heathrow im really worried as I cant find any reviews about him.

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..i guess transform must perform hundreds of surgeries a year because it is a massive company, where are the great uk surgeons hiding???? im looking at revision for the new year,(original surgery *typical swoopy pig nose result performed outside the uk) i cant bare another year like this, if any one looking at revisions, or nose jobs, in uk, or other would like a nose friend please private message me, dean, no reviews is normally good, yet noses may not be his speciality if he is one of transforms registered plastic surgeons, he may specialize in another type of cosmetic surgery......doesnt mean he will do this badly, just spend as much time as possibly bothering they know your a person...not just a scheduled surgery and dont just give you the routine nose job they were taught off the shelf, and give you the improvements agreed,and a revision if needed, i am here if you would like to talk about pre surgery prep and shopping lists and recommended stuffs or babble to about surgery in privacy, jamie if you would like to talk? as a revision buddy?
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I have had rhinoplasty with mr singh and it was the worst decision I ever made. My nose looks worse than it was, he didn't do as i asked or what i had payed for and after months of discussions with management hes finally agreed to re-do the surgery. Even though i don't want him going anywhere near my face again i have no option but to keep the nose i have now and loose all that money or to take the risk and have it re-done by him. I too could not find any reviews on him but was reassured by transform that he was one of the best surgeons. I cant describe how devastated i was when they took the nose splint off and revealed what i had just spent nearly £4000 on, my heart broke. Jamie
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