Silikon 1000 for Lip Augmentation

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Permanent lip fillers are controversial on RealSelf. New Jersey Facial Plastic Surgeon, Eric Joseph, is a proponent of a permanent lip enhancement called Silikon 1000 (see reviews).

We asked Dr. Joseph several questions about this lip augmentation procedure.

RealSelf: Why is Silikon 1000 preferred over other types of permanent lip solutions?

Dr. Joseph: Other than Artefill injections, Silikon-1000 is the only permanent lip augmentation procedure that may be performed non-surgically with only topical anesthetic. Silikon-1000 may provide smooth, natural-looking, permanent results usually with no downtime.

RealSelf: Is Silikon-1000 used like Juvederm or Restylane?

Dr. Joseph: Unlike injection techniques used with other injectable fillers, Silikon-1000 requires a unique method for proper administration. This is called the serial puncture, microdroplet technique. This administration technique has been elegantly described and demonstrated by Dr. Jay G. Barnett in New York City, and this is how I use Silikon-1000 in my practice. Silikon-1000 is injected superficially, between the pink of your lip and the underlying muscle. And with each puncture a very small amount of Silikon-1000 is deposited (0.025cc/puncture on average). In most instances, a total of only 0.6cc of Silikon-1000 is injected into both of your lips during a treatment. This volume is often significantly less than with other fillers.

RealSelf: Many experts on RealSelf state that they believe Silikon 1000 should be avoided. They've referenced risks of migration, inflammation, nodule formation, and generalized infection. Do you not share this opinion, and if not, why do you think they are against this product? What is the complication rate using Silikon 1000 for lip augmentation in your own practice?

Dr. Joseph: Problems with Silikon-1000 are not typical in my practice. In fact, Silikon-1000 leads to smooth, natural-looking lip enhancement and very high patient satisfaction in almost everyone.

When I get permission from my patients to perform Silikon-1000 lip augmentation, I advise that several treatments are typically necessary. I discuss the FDA's position with respect to the off-label application of Silikon-1000, and I discuss the possibility of overcorrection or nodule formation. In my practice, the likelihood of forming a bump or nodule in your lip is <1%. Treatment of nodules includes dilute triamcinolone (steroid) injections, and this is curative in the majority of cases. Occasionally a lip nodule may require excision with local anesthetic in the office.

There is an association between Silikon-1000 lip injections and exacerbation of herpetic out-breaks in your lips. Pre-treatment with valcyclovir (Valtrex) may be necessary if you have had recurrent “cold sores” involving your lips.

I have not seen any cases of migration, or generalized infection in any of my patients.

Liquid injectable silicone has the potential for abuse and misuse. Many experts at RealSelf may feel silicone injections should be avoided since disfiguring problems may occur when large volume silicone injections are inappropriately performed: such as to enhance the buttocks. Many plastic surgeons have also seen silicone problems related to non-physician administration at hotel-room "pumping parties". Patients that received silicone injections overseas have also experienced problems related to both improper administration technique and questionable product.

I have performed well over nine hundred fifty non-surgical, facial rejuvenation procedures with Silikon-1000, and my experience has been rewarding for my patients and me. Silikon-1000 is safe, and when it is used properly by an experienced physician, Silikon-1000 may provide permanent, natural-looking lip augmentation with very high patient satisfaction.

RealSelf: If a person is unhappy with their Silikon 1000 lip injection, can it be removed? How is this performed? What would it cost?

Dr. Joseph: Silikon-1000 is not removable, so overcorrection must be avoided. It's best to plan a gradual approach, and you should expect to have several treatments. Most patients require one to three treatments to obtain a desired result, and these are spaced at monthly intervals or longer. You will see permanent, natural-looking enhancement following each procedure. None of my patients have felt their lips were too large after a single treatment with Silikon-1000.  

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Thanks for the answer. I don't want to commit yet until I see the result after restylane. My lips are alreday nice, just curious to see if they'd look better a tad bit fuller.
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I do not offer Restylane lip augmentation in my practice, so I have no personal experience injecting Restylane in a patient that has had previous Silikon-1000 injections.
It's more common to have patients request permanent lip augmentation with Silikon-1000 after receiving temporary HA products, like Restylane. I have proceeded with Silikon-1000 after Restylane without incident, but I do not like to mix fillers if there is any residual HA present.
Complications like nodules, bumps or asymmetry could occur from either product.
If you've been happy with your Silikon-1000 for 5 years, you may want to revisit your doctor for the additional volume you desire.
Hope this helps you.
Dr. Joseph
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I had the Silikon 1000 injections in my lips around 5 years ago but would like to experiment with restylane, to see if I'd like them made larger. Is it safe to use them in conjunction?

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is there a way i can get fuller upperlip without the monthly treatments with this precedure, if i were to get only one treatment would it be worth it to me in your opinion, im also getting the non surgical rhinoplasty along with it to get rid of the bump on my nose would i see a difference the first treatment of both precedures. see you soon very excited
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Hi Jennifer: Since you have specific questions, feel free to email your photos, along with another description, and I'll be happy to share my thoughts with you before your consultation
Dr. Joseph

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Thanks Dr. Joseph for responding so candidly to our questions.

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Hi Tom:

Thank you for the opportunity to share my experience with liquid injectable silicone for permanent, natural-looking lip augmentation.

All the best from West Orange, NJ

Dr. Joseph
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