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Will silicone sheets help with this scar + will they affect hypopigmentation?

  • Shibleth
  • 2 years ago

Hi, I have an old scar from where I had a mole removed by incision and cauterization, It doesnt really have the features of a keloid or hypertrophic scar as it is not particularly raised or red just different in texture and uneven in pigment.  Would silicone scar sheets help with such a scar even though it is not characteristically raised and red? Also I made the mistake of trying to get this mole revised and the dermatologist I went to tried to blend the edges of it in to the surrounding skin with a laser all this resulted in was a hypopigmented halo :(. I have heard some people say that silicone scar sheets can leave white marks pressumabley this is from reducing the red inflammation in hypertrophic scars though? and not something that would exacerbate hypopigmentation? Thank you if you can help as this mole and the subsequent unsatisfactory revision have been bugging me for years.

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Silicon gel works better. It moisturizes and improves elasticity of scar tissue. Go for hypoallergenic invicible scar cream. It contains silicon gel, vitamin C and their own formation Probiosyn-4. It is an effective cream. I used it for my scars and it faded it in 4 weeks. Mine were 3 months old. Healing depends upon age of scars as well.