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Who has used silicone scar sheeting?

  • mama chichi
  • Kenya
  • 1 year ago

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Hey Ladies! I am scheduled for my own BA on April 16th, and am trying to prepare. Who has used silicone scar sheeting? Or any of the scar strips or treatments now available? Any tips for treating the incision site from the surgery completion to the end of the 1st few months?
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Hey Mama Chichi! My PS started me on Vitamin E Oil a few weeks post op. I had to rub it into the incisions when I first got out of the shower, when my skin was still damp. Then at night, I used Scar Guard strips. He gave me those too. I cut them into appropriate sizes and you can actually re-use them several times. You wash them off, allow them to dry, and they're just as sticky the next few times. After they wouldn't stick or got yucky, I'd start a new set of strips. It was suggested to wear those at night because they'd just get tangled up in your bra, due to movement, during the day. Hope that helps. I'd go with whatever your surgeon suggests though because they know best. (I had no idea I'd be getting the oil and scar strips at any post op appointment -- it was provided, so you may want to ask your PS before you go out buying stuff.) Best of luck to you.
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Thanks so much RavensGal! So would you do a period of time in the day with nothing on them and just a soft bra? How are your scars healing up now?
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Yes. I would put the oil on every morning, rubbing it in really good. I think it's important not to do so until your PS says it's okay to -- or directs you to. After I had my steri-strips removed, I had to wait 2 days before starting with the oil. I wore a light bra (coobie bras are awesome - you can google them and they're usually on sale) and then at night put on the scar strip stuff. My PS gave me ScarAway - about $20 on drugstore dot com. You can re-use them which is pretty cool -just wash them off and stick them to the case - I leave it open to air dry, and reapply the next night. I keep them on while I sleep. I have to say my scars are looking great - still pink, but I have no complaints. Good luck!
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