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Silicone, Scar Creams and Lotions, which works best???? Please help...

  • LochlandsMom
  • Long Island, New York
  • 3 years ago

I have been doing some research on my own but I would really like to hear from you all what you used, what it did for you and what your rating is. Thanks so much, I am lost here without you.

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The Body Shop has a Vitamin E Body Butter with similar ingredients to the Palmers except is smells divine, like roses, so I am going to try that.
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thank you, I will put those on my list. My ever growing list...LOL
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I know it gets a bit crazy:)
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Keep in mind that everyone's skin is different so what works for one person may not work as well for the next. 

I used three different products and have been very OCD about this process.

Here is my routine:

At two weeks post OP I started using the Palmer's Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil.  Massage three times a day on all scars.  Make sure that the incision is totally closed before starting this.  I did this for 6 weeks.

From there I used the Mederma Cream for 12 weeks, 3 times a day on all scars.

I then tired the Bio Oil for a few weeks.  This oil works well but I was not thrilled about the smell of it.  I am now back to the Palmer's oil and use it on my entire body after every shower.  I massage the scar line two times a day with this. 

My scar is completely flat, no bumps and looking really good. 
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