Silicone Versus Saline Breast Implants Explained: With Demo Cutting [Video]

  • VVartanian
  • 1 year ago

Since the FDA approval of Allergan's 410 "gummy bear" silicone implant in February 2013, there's even more choice when it comes to choosing the right implant. Toronto-based cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jerome Edelstein, demonstrates the difference between saline, silicone and the new cohesive silicone gel (a.k.a. the gummy bear) implant in this (sugar-free) video.

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Comments (2)

Thank you so much for this video! loved learning about the gummy bear! I did not know that was offered! can most people get the gummy bear silicone implant?

This is a quick and helpful video! I love the actual cutting of the implant which you typically would not see at your Plastic Surgeon' office.