Anyone sick of sitting around yet?????

  • Susanne3692
  • Northern Arizona
  • 3 years ago

Okay I am not a sitter.... I am frustrated that my doctor does not want me to start to do any thing for 3-4 weeks. I have to just sit and "take it easy", "do nothing",,,,,, My family is all fine with this and they wait on me hand and foot but man I am so depressed and frustrated because I would rather be walking upright and be able to go walk the mall or even just clean my room... UGH disappointed in the sitting.....

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DJ - I did the same. I didn't go out on my own for nearly 3 weeks. I guess I could have, but didn't need or desire to.

I couldn't even get out of my recliner by myself until almost 2 weeks. Now, of course, if hubby hadn't been around to baby me, I may have forced myself sooner. But, I feel I've recovered well by NOT doing stuff, and my PS is happy.

Do get up and take a short walk around the house at least, every hour or so. That will help strengthen your legs, help you stand up straighter, and keep you flexible and from getting too sore a back.
If you feel like being in a recliner most of the day - just stay there! Everyone's recovery is different so be patient with yourself & listen to your body. You will get exponentially better & better every day.
Is it normal that on day 6 post op I am still sitting in recliner most of the day, just up to pee and get water. Sorry to sound obsessive, but also I am not used to sitting with 3 kids!
Thanks barbie, that's helpful to know how you managed to fianally get out and when. Congrats. I am feeling so exhausted despite just sitting around. I assume resting helps heal faster in this case, and just move around a bit to keep things flexible??
Tomorrow my 3 toddlers arrive with hubby and nanny so probably best to rest today for sure!
Be well and thanks.
Hello Djc,

It all depends on how you FEEL and every recovery is different. I was out of the house on Day 7; went to lunch with my husband on Day 10; back in the office part time on Day 12; driving myself on Day 14.

If you feel like getting outside to sit at a cafe, go ahead!

Best Wishes!
When the ps says no physical activity for 2 weeks, I assume the sitting. At what point can you leave the house of course with assistance, perhaps to sit outside at a cafe. Any input? I am only 5 days post op but was hoping after 2 weeks to get out a bit??
I HEAR you! I'm sick of sitting, too!!! :/
Agreed with Kimmers. The first weeks are so critical to the healing process you need to just embrace this time. No one was more insane by the inactivity than me & I managed to work with email, texting & conference calls. But I made sure to rest and totally followed my PS's orders. Relax! You deserve this time to heal.
If I could work from home I would.... Im a Preop and Recovery room RN... so there is no working from home for me...

The first 4-6 weeks is very critical in your healing period so you must only rest.   Even if you are feeling really good your body is still healing and needs pampering.

You only get this one chance to heal properly so be a good patient.   You will be back up and running before you know it. 

Don't put yourself in harm and ruin your results and health.  Pretend you are on vacation and just enjoy it:)
I didn't get frustrated, but a bit bored with TV. While it seems like you would like to be up and around, you would likely regret it if you were. We tend to overdo, without thinking it's any big deal, but it causes a big setback.

Do NOT clean! That's men's work! :D