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My first shower...3rd day post-op

  • prissy1
  • Los Angeles, Ca
  • 3 years ago

I was paranoid about getting the steri-tape wet I put plastic wrap over my scars and belly button. Thankfully I have a handheld shower head so I could manuever the water. Feels good to be clean but weird to have the compression band off. I slathered my body with the palmers oil!

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Hi Kimmer,

Well, I went to my consult today and was told by the surgeon that I am too short waisted to achieve the results I want. I've had stretch marks from pregnancy since 1982 and I've longed for the day I could have surgery to remove them and apparently, it's impossible. He said I would have a tighter tummy, but I don't have enough skin to be able to pull it down far enough to get rid of even most of my stretch marks and he wouldn't even be able to remove the hole that would be left from excising my belly button. So, I guess...I waited all these years for nothing. I have to just accept that I will always look like I've been on fire. I've had them since I was 19, I'm now 47. You would think I'd be used to them by now...but I hate them. I'm trying so hard not to be devastated...but, I am. It's all I can do not to break down and bawl like a baby. I feel so vain and shallow for feeling this way. I just waited so long.
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Don't beat yourself up over feeling this way.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to improve something on your body. 

Was this the first doctor you met with?  If so I would personally go and meet with 2-3 others and see what they say. 

I am sorry this was such a hard consult for you...very disappointing when you were so excited about it.  I am sorry...
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Hi Sinderella-

Please don't let us scare you off. The benefits greatly outweigh the negatives. I think what we have in this forum is honesty...the ps office and staff says u will have "some discomfort" and that's just not true, this is a major surgery but you can certainly get thru it! You have our support.

I recommend you read Kimmers review and posts she provides a wealth of information.

Don't hesitate to ask questions and you should sign up for the webinar next week.
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Yeah my mom even used the palmers while she's here and fell in love with it!
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I have my consultation for a TT tomorrow and have been scared out of my wits by the negative postings I've been reading.

Seeing that you are up and taking a shower on day 3 - and that you look great --- makes me wonder if I should stop reading the negative postings.
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Hi Sinderella,

You will be fine.  It's good to read up on everything and prepare yourself but focus on all the good.  The pain is temporary but the flat tummy will last a lifetime!  You will be glad you did it. 

Did you sign up for the Webinar on the 15th?  That will be very helpful for you. 

Just stick with the ladies on the site and we will help you through. 

Heck Prissy had a TT and went back to work on day 11...and to a new job!  

WOMAN Power!!!
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Looks like you did well with the first shower :)  It feels like heaven but wears you out! 

I just know you are loving the Palmer's!!
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