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Can Someone Show Pictures of What an Abdomen Looks Like After 3 Liters (2.5 Fat, 0.5 Solution) is Removed?

  • marianne2641
  • 2 years ago

I need something to compare to what I look like. Also if you have pictures about 1-2 weeks post op, and then later on that would help. There are pictures on the internet, pre and post, but they do not indicate how much fat was removed. front view? and side view? thank you.

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I have tried a little at a time. She does not accept anything that questions her effectiveness. She is quite snooty. She also told me she was charging for upper and lower abdomen, and hips. My hips were never touched. I asked that she focus on the lower abdomen, and she went horizontally across my waist. a side view makes my belly area look like the letter B. I have read that most of the final results will be seen in one month. I am concerned because she has lied a few times already, and now I do not trust her. Most doctors do not want to get involved with the problem of another doctor, and so I am alone in trying to figure out what to do. My own primary doctor was angry and said I should demand a refund. Getting people to back me up is a real hard thing. She is supported by a group of surgeons in their office, because she is married to one of them. Because of their support of her, I cannot go to them for an objective opinion.

Hi Marianne, I'm sorry you're having to be in this situation. If your own doctor can't or won't help you, maybe you should try going to another doctor for a second opinion. I know you mentioned that your primary doctor was not happy with your results, are they able to give you any advice or refer you to another doctor that could help?

my primary said to ask for my money back...but it does not mean this would work. the lipo doctor tells me I look "wonderful",,, she will not admit anything and has a group of men behind her in the office, who are all benefiting from her scam. I would be opposing a group of surgeons and one of them is her husband....which is the only reason she is in there....she is not a surgeon, but has a place established there because of her relationship with him...the group adds to her credibility.....she also had me sign a note at the beginning - which was a mistake for me - that she would be sued, or be brought to court in case of I guess she has no malpractice insurance either.

I'm sorry you don't seem to have the results you were looking for. I have read that results can take up to six months to show, so there is still hope.

Have you spoken to your doctor about your expectations and results?

Sorry, but all pictures I have found are very vague as to what happened, and when. I am miserable. I was charged $6000 and I cannot see a significant difference now, and it has been 6 weeks. There is just a "dent" in my abdomen, and my pant and blouse fit the same. I was told 3 L would be removed, and I cannot find where on me there is 3 L missing...or at least 2.5 L

Hi Marianne,

I hope you're well! I haven't had this procedure myself, but we do have a lot of Liposuction reviews (with photos) that you could take a look at. The community is very friendly and I'm sure would help you and answer your questions if they have that information available!

I hope this helps.