Can anyone show or give me a quick example of someone who does have perfect facial symmetry?

  • Kim46307
  • 1 year ago

after reading about this on this website i was curious to know more about it, because i really have no idea what some of these people are talking about. i had never heard of being un or asymmetrical, so i was wondering if someone could point out or show me some examples of people that might have perfect symmetry, if it even does exists. i suspect this is something more in a persons mind then reality, but i'm not really sure. i'd like to see someone who has perfect symmetry. thanks -

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I think "perfect" is difficult to achieve... nature likes to add little asymmetric quirks. :)

There's a concept called the Golden Ratio -- it's a mathematical formula that has been used to denote a perfect face (based on where the different features are located in relation to each other). I've read that Mona Lisa, Gisele Bundchen and Brad Pitt come close to a "perfect" golden ratio.

i was always bothered by the asymmetry of my eyebrows....i can't believe it...peeked under the gauze on my forehead and my eyebrows are perfectly