Should I?

  • HIH3
  • 2 years ago

So here's my story:  all my life I've wanted a new nose.  As far back as I could remember I was always teased (even had a teacher once, in front of other students, call me "snoze").  Really became self conscious which caused me to withdraw a lot, avoid things and so on (never even went to the HS prom).  I went on and have had a pretty good career; was self employed for many years and am now semi-retired working for a non-profit organization, married (second marriage as I was so insecure the first time I never should have gotten married back then).  Interesting thing was that the more successful I became (translation - more $$$ I made) the less my "non-conformity" was outwardly noticed.  People who want something from you are funny that way.  I'm 55 years old now and don't want to wake up and look in the mirror and see a "light bulb" in the middle of my face.  I guess I'm just looking for the words of encouragement to push me in the direction I've always wanted to go in.  Not worried about family or friends reaction as I wouldn't be looking for approval, only support.  Anyway, thanks in advance for any comments - good or bad.