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To shave your legs or not to shave your legs on surgery day. Do you go smooth for the doc and save the itchy legs for later?

  • Dobby
  • 2 years ago

Would love to know your input! --Thanks Dobby

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I use an epilator - the spinning discs of doom type (Philips Satinelle), not the whirling coils of death (Epilady) - so definitely mowing preop since there's very little itch involved in regrowth (yay!).

I actually don't recall getting instructions to shave the bermuda triangle, guess I should find out if I'm supposed to do that or if they do it. That'll be interesting... I, uh, don't use the epilator on that so much. =:O
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LOL....I don't have hairy legs...but I would say since u have to shave the "kitty" u mines well shave your legs!
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