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Should I shave a mole from my face??

  • mmndll7
  • 1 year ago

I have a pencil eraser sized mole on the far left side of my cheek that is slightly raised. I went to the doctor today and she made me feel silly for wanting to remove it because it is benign. I know that it might be a little vain to want it removed but it really bugs me ever since I had my first child. She said there is two options to removing the mole. Cutting it out or shaving the top off. She also said that both ways could leave a very bad scar and potentially make the mole look worse. I went into the appointment with a lot of hope and left feeling terrible, like there was no help for me. Can anybody give me some advice??

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I would encourage you to visit another dermatologist. If it is bothering you that seems reason enough to have it removed. It is good that she was honest with you about the possibility of scarring, but remember each doctor will have their own skill set so perhaps there is another doctor you can find that will be more understanding of your reasons and/or more skilled with mole removal, and thus better able to remove the mole with a more minimal scar. It doesn't sound like you felt well cared for by the first dermatologist, so if you can I'd try to find one you feel cared for by.

Thank you! You are so right!