Does Anybody Ever Get Sharp Pains in the Nipple Area?

  • EasternWA02
  • Washington State
  • 3 years ago

At about 4 weeks post op I was reaching behind the seat of my car and I felt a sharp pain in my right nipple. When I get cold my right nipple seems to "harden up" later than my left. It seems as if there is even a bit of numbness on the right side of that nipple. Today as I was swimming in the lake and I felt the same sharp pain sensation as I was reaching back. I am wondering if I will experience any more lack of nipple reaction to touch. Anyone experience the same thing or have any imput?

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Hmm. Here's what some doctors have to say about nipple/breast pain after an augmentation. Not sure if that's exactly what you meant, though. You should consider asking your surgeon about this pain. You do look great!

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Thank you Angie,
Thank you for your reply and compliment. :)
Besides the random and periodic pain spurts, I am beginning to get a little concerned about capsular contracture. My breasts are quite round and firm. I have been tracking my post op and recovery thoroughly. Maybe I am being overly concerned? I had surgery on 3-29-11. I am 5'4", 116lbs, with 400cc silicon gel put under the muscle. All has gone very well with the exception of the random pain.
Honestly, when I lay my arms over my breasts--as if reaching across my body--they feel like foreign objects. Is this normal?