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Share your tips getting through 1st month

  • Ndngirl
  • 3 years ago

Whether it is simple beauty secrets to lift your spirits to taking care of that new belly.

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Here is my helpful 'survival tips':

Recliner is a must (or rented hospital bed). Easy to sleep in because you are in the position your PS perscribes for the first 2 weeks.

Mini facials/makeovers: When i was not in my medication induced coma I would do lil' facials on myself. I had cleansere towelettes and moisturizer. I also kept my lotion to hydrate my skin which seemed very dry after the surgery.

Small portibal table was a life send where I can have in reach magazines, hobby stuff and other essentials.

I kept on hand my favorite movies when I was up and nothing on TV I had them to turn too.

My breakfast consisted of Water and fiberone bars to keep me regular. Plus VitaminWater Zero kept me hydrated and vitamins in my system when i couldn't stomach those gawdy pills. :)

I hope this helps. Please share your little secrets that kept yoou sane and cozy while recovering the first month. ;)
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