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  • Megan P
  • 2 years ago

If you come across any interesting articles or other info about Botox please post it below. Just write a brief description and leave a link :)

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BBC News did this piece on non-cosmetic use of Botox:

Botox used to help treat burns victim

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how many syringes makes 30mls? I feel as tho I only received 5mls and paid for 30...anyone know? my injectors face looked very Botoxed I think he was keeping some for himself?
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Sorry to hear you are feeling uneasy about whether or not you received the full amount you were suppose to. Unfortunately what you are asking doesn't have as simple of an answer as one would think. Here is some info that might help though:

How Many Units of Botox Can Go Into a Syringe?

Botox Unit Vs Botox CC Cost Comparison

Botox Dilution: How to Be Sure You Get the Units of Botox Paid for

Botox about 4 times...dull headache and bruise feeling each big deal. This time around, stomach pain. day 2...not as bad but still. I did GOOGLE this and yes, there it is a a side effect although the clinic when I called never heard of this...anyone else and how long? its annoying and somewhat uncomfortable.
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Additional Links:

History of Botox >
Botox natural alternative about >
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Thanks for sharing that info. It seems that as of right now, the creams aren't providing similar results to injected botox...but, wouldn't it be great if something like that came out?!

Here is a Q&A about a Xeomin (Botox competitor) cream that was being talked about:

I Have Heard Xeomin Has Come out with a Cream, Anyone Used It?

Click the link below &  scroll down - you will see tons of interesting information about Botox, including approximately how many units should be used on different parts of the face, different areas of the body Botox is used in, what the molecular structure is like - all sorts of good stuff!

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