Severe pain/bruising after recent lip augmentation?

  • 29sillygirl
  • 2 years ago

My experience with Restylane has always been good.  Same applies to the surgeon I see.  The last time I decided to have lips enhanced, I mentioned my concern about an overlap or droopy appearance in central part of upper lip.  Very visible in profile view of face.  He suggested a slightly different approach, filling the central upper lip as well as lower lip.  It gave desired look....but at what a painful cost!  My lips were super painful, bruised, a has two small bumps under lip. When I saw him, he felt it was an allergic reaction, and taking ibuprofen and Benadryl before procedure would help.  Anyone else had this experience?  Wondered if age is a factor: I'm 76 now.  Was in early 70s when I first had lips plumped.

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Is that a picture of you? If so, you certainly don't look even close to 76!

I'm surprised your doctor would have you continue with injections if you already experienced a mild allergic reaction.

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Thank you, Megan. I do look younger than my chronological age. As to my doctor's assessment, I felt he might be wrong, i.e., that my lips reacted to having a high volume of gel injected into a smaller section of lip. I still believe that may have been what caused the pain. As mentioned, Restylane has been well tolerated by me before. This was the first time I had fillers for close to 5 yrs, so that is why I wondered if aging was a factor:).
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