Seroma frustration

  • Fingerlakesmomof3
  • ny
  • 3 years ago

Hi All - I am new here...17 days post-op full TT and hysterectomy amd repairs. Drains out 8 days post-op...2 days later noticed 2 "fluid pockets" one on upper ab and one in between incision and pubic area. Doc drained 25 cc total and has been draining every other day. This recovery has been pretty rough up until the past 2 days or so...just frustrated with the seroma thing and fear the skin won't long?? THANKS!

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I am sorry you are having such a rough time.  These things can be pesky but as long as your doctor is keeping an eye on you all will be fine.  Patience is what you need right now.  Your body will heal at it's own pace.  

Here is a link to some seroma information.  Hope it helps.