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Septoplasty - preventing septum deviating again

  • Ali Bruce
  • 2 years ago

I had a caudal septoplasty operation 6 days ago (no splints) and my nose seems to be healing well and I am relatively pleased with the result. My nose is not perfect but better, with the septum and the nose, appearing more straight. However, my nose already looks more crooked and I think it is gradually shifting back to how it was before.  If the septum is going to retwist, when could this happen? If it is OK in a month, will it be remain ok? Or, could it deviate again years after the initial op and deviate worse? Is there anything I can do to help prevent it retwisting e.g. taping my nose or sleeping on the same side?  I have a young family and find it very difficult to have downtime and am desperate to not have to have this operation again.  Also, cosmetically it is so much better now, it looked pretty bad before hand! Any advice would be brilliant!  I live in the UK and had the operation on the NHS and am not seeing my surgeon again for 3 months which is standard here.

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I am having the exact same problem, really worried it is gradually moving back to how it was before as the swelling goes down my nostril gets smaller and more uneven… how did yours end up?
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Great question! I haven't heard of this happening, but I guess anything is possible. Most likely, your swelling is uneven and when it comes down you'll notice it'll be straighter. That's my totally uneducated guess. Please let us know!

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