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Septoplasty and Bilateral Turbinoplasty recovery event.

  • Ddoiden35
  • Sydney, AU
  • 28 days ago

So I had my surgery done last week Friday and then 4 days later on a Tuesday (my birthday, how fun!)my right nose started bleeding non stop for a few hours. It felt so bad that it ran down my throat and I didn't know what to do so I called emergency and they were able to slow it down but it was still bleeding so they sent me to the ER. And then what seemed like forever I was able to seen.while the nurse was trying to contact their ent doctor, I felt dizzy and light headed and was about to faint until the nurse the came at the right time and calmed me down and gave me an Iv dripThe nurse was able to stop the bleeding with a spray and it stopped the bleeding and I could slowly feel it clotting behind my throat.Apparently from my original ent doctor, he said that the scab must have come off from the surgery site and started the bleeding. Right now the blood has dried up and I still feel the clot slowly coming down my throat.The hospital ent doctor just gave me a decongestant spray to try shrink the blood vessels. And I was sent home when the bleeding stopped.The next morning, which is today, the blood has stabbed and crusted up the clot is still there and is probably mixed with mucousĀ butĀ I'm afraid to spit it out because it might start bleeding again.Has anyone experienced this before or is it just me?it was so awful and stressing because it was just dripping non stop and it was hard to breathe.Sadly my period started today, so I'm looking forward to the next few days.

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