Septo-Rhinoplasty Performed in June 2013, Results Are Less Than Desirable. Still Crooked, and Have a Bump. Any Options? (photo)

  • milaka99
  • 1 year ago

Apprehensive to have the Rhino done, but did at the suggestion of my surgeon. When I prepaid, I was told results aren't guaranteed. Nothing had been said of the sort in any of my consults, prior to that point, which worried me greatly. Everything before that made me feel like my nose would be straight(er). Since the surgery, my nose is still crooked, and now has a bump in the upper/middle portion on left and is very noticeable when I wear glasses (from the front view). To me, it actually looks like it's more bent looking from the front; as in the before is crooked but staight down, where the after looks like it bend to the left (looking at the pic) halfway down my nose (right after where where I'm claiming the bump is). What can I do. Is there anything I can legally?