How to Send a Deposit by PayPal to Dr. Yily?

  • Mz.T
  • Atlanta,GA
  • 1 year ago

Hello ladies, I am trying to send my deposit but, Dr Yily's account is in Spanish. I tried google translate but it was not working. Can someone please let me know how to accomplish this. Thanks.

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Hi Mz. T, Please do not trust her PayPal account because a lot of the girls have been having issues with it freezing or her not accepting the deposit in time. As you know she is super busy. She also has a western union account but has the same issue with the money not being picked up in time or western union freezing the account because there are so many people sending money and it looks like there is money laundering. I am going to be sending my deposit today or tomorrow through her Chase Bank Account. You can make a wire transfer for a fee of $30 or you can simply deposit the money to her account. The only downside of making a deposit straight to the account is that you will not be named in the transaction so the only way to prove that you made the deposit is by saving your receipt. I will be making the deposit and attaching a copy of my receipt to the surgery confirmation email that I will be sending Dr. Yily. Hope this helps!
i am also trying to send my deposit through paypal but it said that she is nolonger recieving funds to the account at this time..does anyone know why or is there another way?

Hi there,

Did you ever get it working for you? If not, maybe contact the doctors office and see if they can help with the translation?