Seeking labia MAJORA reduction surgeon after a lifetime of hiding under loose jeans and skirted swimsuits

  • Arkansasmom
  • Arkansas
  • 1 year ago

There are lots of surgeons who claim to specialize in labiaplasty, but does anyone know of a doctor with extensive experience in labia MAJORA reduction? I can already tell you I will need minora, majora, hood reductions, and maybe mons lipo (no rejuvenation). I have very long labia majora. Even carefully-selected roomy jeans and Bermuda shorts have to be frequently tugged down or I'll have a camel toe and even cuts on my vulva. Only skirted swimsuits for me. My dream is to wear leggings to the gym to show off my toned legs and rear, tight jeans, and regular (unskirted) swimsuit bottoms. I've waited years to give medicine a chance to adequately progress in the labiaplasty field, and I've done my homework. It's finally time. I know that having realistic expectations and erring on the side of caution are important, but frankly, if I'm going to get this done, I want as much as can safely be taken off without sexual damage. I don't want to go through all this and still have a camel toe. I've seen a few of the "experts'" surgery photos online--the "after" pictures look like what most would assume were "before" pictures. Will travel, have insurance, excellent shape and health, one child via elective C-section with zero complications, happily married to a man who loves my large vulva. Any input is welcomed!