Seeking expert advice: which implant size will be best for my body?

  • LakeGirl14
  • Nashville TN
  • 1 year ago

Hi! I have had 2 consults with different surgeons for my first breast augmentation. I want to achieve a full C cup look. One dr. looked me over carefully and recommended 300cc and warned me not to go above 350cc because of my measurements. The other dr. barely looked at me and said any size would look great on me, and that I could go as high as 450cc! Based upon my stats, which implant size would look MOST proportionate on my body, and NOT take me over to a D cup? I'm no expert, but I'm personally leaning towards 400cc silicone, high profile under the muscle. 33 years old, 34 A/B cup, 5'4", 125 pounds Any expert advise is so appreciated!

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Have you tried out the rice sizers yet? It's a lot of fun and they should give you a good idea on what size is most pleasing to your eyes and go from there.
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Yes I've tried the sizers :) good fun!
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