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Haven't See One 'Before & After' Photo That Shows ANY Improvement

  • JP654
  • 1 year ago

Have been researching CoolSculpting as an option for me, but sadly, I have not seen even one 'before & after' that shows any evidence of this procedure working. I'm glad so many photo's have been posted, because it made my decision so much easier. CoolScultpting does nothing (in my opinion) - and in the time it takes see what 'they' call 'good results', I'd be better off doing a daily floor exercise routine to tone my trouble spots! Much easier, natural results, and costs no money :)

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I agree that pictures don't seem to do justice to the results I know that I have had on my lower stomach. For sure I have had bigger than 25 percent fat reduction and there's a line on my stomach now (where the applicator stopped) to prove it. I have pictures posted that I took with my phone and you can see the line I am talking about, but it looks pretty minor. However, I can tell you that I am now able to wear tight tops without the fat on my stomach showing and am beyond thrilled! Before, you could see the texture of the fat under a tight, thin shirt. Now, you can't see a thing! I have had such great results that the second apt I had scheduled to have my lower abs done was cancelled and instead I had my upper abs done to try and get rid of the line left from the first treatment. The place I get it done said that they think that I am having such good results because I am within my ideal weight. (I am 5'5" and 125 lbs.) I am in pretty good shape since I teach dance and yoga, but there are still limits to exercise and diet and I feel that Coolsculpting has been the solution. *Let me say I have also had my flanks and inner thighs done once, and don't know if I am seeing as good results as I did on my lower stomach. I am still only 5 weeks in, so we will see! I used the large applicator on my stomach and flanks/thighs were with a small one, so that could be some of the difference! Anyway, I think depending on your situation, it may be a good procedure. If you are going to do it, I recommend spending the money only on one area first to see if if works on you.
I don't think the photos do justice to the results. I had my flanks and upper abs done and I can tell it worked more from how my clothes fit and how I 'feel' as opposed to visually...if that makes sense. I had awesome results!

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Thanks for sharing your views with us. I haven't had this procedure myself, but I think it very much depends on the individual. Some people see no noticable difference, or nothing they couldn't have done with diet/exercise. However, I have seen a few where they had stubborn areas of fat that diet/exercise wouldn't remove and the difference has been noticable. I think it also depends on the provider and how experienced they are with the treatment.