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Searching for the Perfect Surgeon...

  • Isobelle
  • 1 year ago

What's up with Sam Rizk??? I had a consult with him a few days ago. I was beyond impressed. In the back of my mind I keep thinking that he is too good to be true. Then I read on here that the 3-dimentional High Definition Endoscopic technique that he talks about so much is just hype?

I have yet to find one bad review about him online - from an actual patient. Any thoughts? Any one else have recommendations of a doctor in the MA/NY area specializing in bulbous tips!

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I just had my septo/rhinoplasty done by him yesterday. I now understand why there are no negative experience with him on the web. His staff is AMAZING! The anesthesiologist - the best! So far all I can see is the tip when I am cleaning it out with peroxide and such and I very happy! Also, I have ZERO bruising or swelling around my eyes. After surgery I took a Percocet (bad idea - it made me horribly nauseous). In the evening I took 1 500 mg Tylenol. Today I have no pain at all and do not feel groggy or anything. I am surprised. The only sad part is Dr. Rizk will probably be retired by the time I need a facelift

I have read many positive reviews about him, too, but know nothing about him beyond that.