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Has anyone ever had or used Sculptress injections?

  • jlosc
  • Florida
  • 5 years ago

It's supposed to last a year or more. A friend of mine has those injections, but I cannot find any info on it.

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Hi Jlosc, The product is called sculptra and lasts over two years in studies that have been done. It depends on what is being corrected but Sculptra works quite well!
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Hi Jlosc, I've never heard of an injectable filler called "Sculptress," however there is a popular filler called "Sculptra." Visit our Sculptra page to read reviews and Q&A.
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Thanks for the reply April. You are right, it is SCULPTRA. My friend could not remember the exact name at the time I asked this question, so thanks for the reply :)
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Good evening from Ireland jlosc. I am considering haveing some Sculptra done and wonder if you might have any opion on it ? Regards
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Isabell, I never did the Sculptra. I went with Restylane. I do have a concern with the Restylane though. It is only lasting 2 months, and in six months I've spent over $2400 on Restylane shots, for around the lip line. My Dr is very conservative and we did not go for the very pouty lips, just a nice enhancement. I have reported this to the company, and they are investigating why it has not lasted for more than 2 months on me. I've heard that Sculptra does the same thing, so just be advised that if you go with Sculptra, it might not last as long as the company states. GOOD LUCK
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