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Sculptra overfill - what to do

  • Tradewinds
  • 8 months ago

I got two vials of sculptra in my lower face and looked great. A third 1/2 vial 6 mo tha later has left me overfilled, puffy and completely distressed 6 weeks later. I look funny and my smile is different. I've done so much research and get conflicting results. Can a very diluted amount of kenalog or 5fu help time this down at all? My jaw is much wider making my once pretty heart shaped face square - will botox in my jaw soften this? Can a substance called collagenase injected into the area help. Even some of it gone would be awesome. I don't think I can go two years like this - I'm hiding from everyone because I feel so ashamed of my vanity and deformity in doing this in the first place to try to feel better about myself after losing some facial weight after a difficult divorce. Help - I know it could be risky, bug has anyone gotten rid of some of their sculptra? Please advise....

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I had the same problem. Completely miserable. My doctor gave me some Doxycycline and I do think it's gone down a bit since I've been taking that. Also, my dermatologist has been performing some heat laser therapy and it definitely helps! I do think it is heat sensitive. A friend of mine said she had Fraxil laser treatment at her 7month mark and said it was almost gone 3 months later. I can't guarantee this but you might has well try. Hope this helps!
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I noticed you asked a similar question in the Doctor Q&A.  Here is a link for anyone who wants to see it.  I hope you get some info soon!
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Thank you Jill - I don't know how to get a response from someone with experience in this arena!
This is a tough one, I'm having a hard time finding any info that could help.  I resent your question to the doctors, hopefully someone will chime in.
Thank you so much - I feel there have to be some options for reduction out there, but I'm not sure why no doctors are answering this? Thanks for your help in trying to get some answers!!
My guess would be that not many doctors try to dissolve Sculptra so there aren't too many who can speak to this topic with authority or experience because they don't offer this option in their practice.  Hopefully I'm wrong :)