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Sculptra - any independent studies, NOT paid by Sanofi/Dermik?

  • PrettyInShockingPink
  • LA
  • 4 years ago

I was told by a doctor who supplied paid for trial studies for the drug company that Sculptra problems can last up to ten years but there are no statics on even this figure. Per my biospy, the foreign body material is surrounded by chronic inflammatory cells. The material is trapped. So how do the problems supposedly just magically disappear in two years?

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google this
injectable poly l lactic acid late onset granulomatous
you will see this is not an innocent product at all as Karinbadsculptra said.
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I had sculptra in my hands 2 years ago. Worst thing I ever did. I ham having my third round of surgery to remove massive lumps all over my hands. 15 incisions so far. I had my hands done as I was vain and a piano player. They have been ruined totally and surprise surprise, the manufacturer doesn't even want to know IN THE SLIGHTEST! The practitioner doesn't asnwer my calls or reply to any letters. Don't use Sculptra!
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Sculptra is not an innocent product at all. I developed serious bulps in my face. They make me look terrible. They will last for many many years. I only had two treatments, three years ago! Please do not do this, it can disform you.
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