Scuba Diving & Roller coasters!!!!

  • newbootyjudy25
  • 2 years ago

This may be a strange question, but I'm a keen scuba diver. I had a full tt, lipo of my back and flanks as well as fat transfer to butt on August 1 2012. I am now a little over 3 weeks post op, but I wanted to know what is a safe time to wait for Scuba diving and riding roller coasters?  I asked my surgeon and she said 2 months but I'm nervous about the pressure under water causing swelling and with roller coasters I'm just nervous about the movement!  

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I am 10 weeks out and want to go to cedar point...but I still dont feel comfortable in my i am going to wait a little while longer...I say longer than 2 months...but you can always see how your body feels after 2 months, you can tell!