Scottsdale lifestyle lift

  • eiris
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  • 7 years ago

Has anyone had their lifestyle lift in Scottsdale? I am scheduled to have both the lift and my eyes done. I was originally scheduled to do this in April, but they have an opening NOW and I am not sure if this is the right thing

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Now that it has been two months what are the results
I have had the surgery done at 22th ave and Camelback. Here was what I went through. Surgery was about 2-3 hours. Out of work was 2 weeks. I was in pain and bruised where I felt I couldn't work because I work with the public. I was going to have eye lift but it was explained much different by Dr. I declined to have it done because I was looking for brow lift. Yes it was painful recovery. No way could I have gone right back to work. I went to have my stitches removed 1/25/08. Surprise everyone.... Don't assume anything. I never saw the Dr. Someone else removes your stitches. I told them I had a concern about my procedure. My chin has indents now that it never had before. Sure I am still healing but I'm concerned because others are noticing it. Well, I assumed I would be having a followup with the Dr. Nope if I want to see Dr or talk to him about my concerns, I have to make another appt. As it stands now, they new I was very upset, they didn't care. I asked for a return phone call, I am still waiting. I guess once they get your money and do the procedure you are pretty much on your own. I will not go back. I am still wondering if the dents in my chin will go away. I am still wondering what I paid money for. I am still sore and Monday 1/28/08 will be 2 weeks. I see very little difference. I don't feel they were up front and honest. I don't feel I will ever hear from them again. I am sure they are hoping I would go away. I am not sure of that either at this point.