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Scheduled TT with MR & Lipo on Jan. 30. I'm having second thoughts. Help!

  • Geneticjinx15
  • 1 year ago

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Thank you! I have had previous surgeries and was very nauseous in the recovery room. The nurse put an alcohol wipe under my nose and it did work for a little while. Eventually, I did get sick. : ( I will remember to buy some for the ride home. Thanks for the tip! I have not read or heard about an analgesic injection before. Sounds fabulous! I will go home the same day of my surgery with an internal pain pump. It stays for 4 days so I am hoping I will get past the worst pain by then. Thanks for your positive notes and support. I really want to do this but the reviews where people are still suffering 12+ weeks post op scare me to death.
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Take a deep breath and relax here.  You are going through some pre op jitters is all.  What is it that bothers you most?

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Thanks for replying! Honestly, I am afraid something will go wrong and my children will lose their mom or have a disabled mom because of vanity. I am also nervous about the recovery. I have a pretty high pain tolerance, but it seems like the recovery is longer than my doctor led me to believe based on the experiences on this forum. Lastly, I have had several previous surgeries and have vomited from the anesthesia every time. I can't imagine that after this surgery! Thanks for any advice or support you can give me. Also, I am 51 years old. Seems like most women are younger & I am nervous that my recovery will be longer because of my age.
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I know most of us all have/had the same fears.  There is always risk with any surgery which I know you are aware of.   Follow all of your doctors instructions for before and after care and you will be fine.  

Each person is different in recovery and pain level.   While this is a tough recovery I am confident you will get through it.  Don't let fear drive your decisions.  Just know you deserve to do this for yourself, are entitled to look and feel good and are strong.  You have some excellent support here in the community.  

Go into this with the thought that it's all  temporary.  The pain, swelling and anxiety will end.  It's the best thing I ever did for myself and I would do it all over again if necessary.  Well this and the boobs:)

Prior to surgery you will meet with the doctor.  Let him know about your past experiences with vomiting.  They have meds they can give you pre op and also during surgery that will help.  

Also, 51 is young!!  If you are healthy you will be fine.  Doctors do not do this surgery on frail and sick people:)  

We are all here for you so chin up and deep breath:)




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Kimmers, you are wonderful! I hope you realize how much this sight helps people. I have been repeating your words, Do not let fear drive your decisions, like a mantra. : ) I am not seeing my posts on the sight. I did join. Am I doing something wrong? I would love to "meet" other January TT candidates & I need the support. Thanks for any help you can give me.
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Hi there! I am six weeks post op and don't regret a thing. They give you meds for nausea, pain, and muscle tension. Everything is manageable with rest and meds. The first week is the worst. After that, every day gets better. I am still tired and a little achy, but I seriously used to spend minutes or hours of every day worried about my saggy I touch it all the time to make sure it is real! I am actually sad that mu experience is kind of "over" because my PS made me feel so confortable and special, even when I was whiny, requesting refills on pain meds, etc. It is all worth it and I will never trade future happiness for temporary pain or inconvenience.
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Thank you NewSelfNc! I appreciate your support. Do you still have any swelling?
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Well I am very glad to have you here in the community and look forward to seeing your through your process.

Here are a couple of links to the January Tummy Tuck Forum and also Your Review.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Hi genetic, I understand how u feel because I had the same feelings. I was really scared, but I made it through. I'm 7 days post-op today and feeling a lot better. I did not have pain because my surgeon had used The analgesic injection that provides 72 hrs of pain relief. I only took Vicodin for one day, then use Tylenol extra strength as needed for discomfort not real pain. The issue of vomiting was a really scary one for me. I only felt nauseous the first day when I came home. I use alcohol swabs and smell the alcohol and my dear that helped a lot. I only took the zofran one time after surgery. Smelling the alcohol prep pads were enough. I still can't do much for myself, but I have my family who are a great deal of support. You will not regret it. Go for it and change yourself to the beatiful figure you so long waiting for.
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