Scheduled for Oct. and looking for success snippets

  • room2improve
  • 3 years ago

hi there, I'm new to the board but have already ready many of your reviews and comments. THANK YOU for posting, as I can think of nothing better to understand a TT than reading about others' experiences. I am going to get a FTT, muscle repair and flank lipo. I've already thought, "what am I doing??" and am looking for some positive snippets from others to keep my going, esp. during the trying recovery phase. About me...I'm about 5'4" and 130 and round all over, esp. in my tummy. 2 kids stretched me out quite a bit, and when I do a plank I have a long mound of fat and skin that just hangs down the center of my stomach. I'm hoping that something can be done about the fat above the belly button, but I'm not so sure. My muscles are not very separated, but my doc will tighten those and do flank lipo, although I'm not sure exactly what is meant by flanks. I am trying to lose some weight before the procedure, as I gained about 10 lbs. in the past year and all the docs on this site say to be at your ideal weight. I figure I might be able to lose 5 by Oct, but realistically no more. Love your thoughts on the importance of losing that last 10-15 lbs. I'm hoping to hear from others to help adjust my expectations and hopefully get me excited about what's to come. Did you feel "skinny" after your TT? I never tuck my shirts in or wear form-fitting tops, so being able to do that and look good would qualify to me as "feeling skinny". I'm also wondering if others have really noticed  your TT or is it mostly just how you feel about yourself? Did you lose any muscle definition you may have had pre-TT? I have a little definition down the sides (at least in the a.m. before I eat!!), and from pictures it looks like most people are just flat after the surgery. Would be a bummer to lose that, but worth it to lose the skin/fat. Did you feel your body was disproportionate post TT? I carry my weight mostly evenly, and will it be weird to be flat in the tummy but still have jiggly thighs and arms? Did your scar heal like previous scars you have had (the best indicator?)? My friend has darker skin and her scar is permanently brown. Personally my scars can fade over a looooong time, but they are likely to stay red too.  Sorry to have so many questions! The wonderfully detailed diaries really bring home what a major surgery this is and how challenging the recovery can be (pain, swelling, drains, etc.), so I'm hoping to build up a mental arsenal of postivie experiences to keep in mind. One for you that I heard was that the muscle repair really helps strengthen your core and can keep you from bulging after a big meal. Hopefully this will be true for me by this Thanksgiving! Thanks for any responses and again for sharing your stories. I'm excited to finally do this in my 40's, and I am praying that the results will be worth it. Thank you!!