I'm scheduled for breast reduction surgery on June 12th. Are drains necessary?

  • tishtimmons
  • 2 years ago

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It really is up to the PS to decide if you need them. I had my BR on May 25 and I did NOT have drains. My PS said drain are not necessary for most BR patients. I am on day 15 post-op and I havent had any drainage at all and I am healing wonderfully. There are bennifets to not having drains. A few are ; you won't have to empty them, no drains to deal with in the shower, no drains to pulling or bother your incision sights, and simpley no drains to deal with at all :O). Having drains put in is a good choice if your PS knows you need them. But I would not ask for them one way or another. Your PS wants you to have the best results possible and He or She will do what is needed to achieve that for you. Drains can be a good thing if you need them. Trust your PS to make the best choice for you. Best of luck.
Hi all,
It seems different Dr's have differing views on using drains. Personally speaking, if i had a choice (which in my case i don't!!) I would have them.
Why? ....because if there is any accumulation of fluid in the wound areas, I don't want it inside the breast as it could cause infection, more swelling, and a host of problems.
Sometimes anything which builds up after surgery comes out through the wound anyway, or it just simply doesn't happen. A surgeon can occasionally use drugs and/or their personal technique to reduce fluid building up which is why there is such a difference in preference for drain insertion.
Once any fluid is removed along the drain (after a day or more) there shouldn't be anymore developing or anything that does develop will be minimal and can track along where the drain once was, until the area fully heals up.
I tend to trust my PS as they know what technique they are using and how your body tissues are responding to the surgery. Personally, I would go with your PS's choice and ask questions, but try not to worry. x
My surgery is the 12th as well -- eek! I just went to my pre-op appointment on Wednesday and she said she doesn't use drains, for which I'm really thankful. I know that every surgeon does things a little differently though, so you'll need to ask yours at your pre-op. When is it scheduled?