Scheduled for BR in two weeks, and I just found out I've been wearing the wrong size bra since forever~~

  • CBL111
  • 2 years ago

So, I've spent the past several months dealing w/ all the hassles of getting approved and scheduled for breast reduction, and I'm supposed to be going in for surgery on February 2nd. For some reason this morning, though, I decided to go to a bra shop and get fitted for a bra, just so I could have a sense of what size I came down from once the operation is all over. And it turns out I've been wearing a 34DD for years when I should be wearing a 32 F/G! It was totally amazing how much different this bra looked on me than the ones I've been wearing, and I even bought one to bring home and try out with all those button up shirts I've never actually been able to button and they looked fine! So now I'm kind of in a tail-spin about whether or not to go through with the surgery. I'm 24 years old, 5ft 2in, and 125lbs. I have some back/shoulder pain, but the biggest reason for my wanting this surgery is cosmetic. Am I just getting cold feet, or should I really reconsider this whole thing and just try to make things work now that I've found that there are bras (and actually cute ones!) that fit my size. I'm not worried so much about the pain or scars, and I've already scheduled the time off work for recovery. My biggest concern is that I'd like to be able to breast feed some day, and I'm worried I'll feel disgusted with myself for doing this surgery unnecessarily if I wind up unable to nurse. Help!?!