Scheduled for BR in two weeks, and I just found out I've been wearing the wrong size bra since forever~~

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So, I've spent the past several months dealing w/ all the hassles of getting approved and scheduled for breast reduction, and I'm supposed to be going in for surgery on February 2nd. For some reason this morning, though, I decided to go to a bra shop and get fitted for a bra, just so I could have a sense of what size I came down from once the operation is all over. And it turns out I've been wearing a 34DD for years when I should be wearing a 32 F/G! It was totally amazing how much different this bra looked on me than the ones I've been wearing, and I even bought one to bring home and try out with all those button up shirts I've never actually been able to button and they looked fine! So now I'm kind of in a tail-spin about whether or not to go through with the surgery. I'm 24 years old, 5ft 2in, and 125lbs. I have some back/shoulder pain, but the biggest reason for my wanting this surgery is cosmetic. Am I just getting cold feet, or should I really reconsider this whole thing and just try to make things work now that I've found that there are bras (and actually cute ones!) that fit my size. I'm not worried so much about the pain or scars, and I've already scheduled the time off work for recovery. My biggest concern is that I'd like to be able to breast feed some day, and I'm worried I'll feel disgusted with myself for doing this surgery unnecessarily if I wind up unable to nurse. Help!?!

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I was a about a 32HH/30J before my reduction. There are definitely benefits to finding and wearing your correct bra size. A lot of people will tell you that wearing the right size will even decrease your back pain, because your posture improves as the bra supports you correctly (through the band vs through the straps). Some out there will even argue that a correctly fitting bra and a boost in self-confidence will eliminate the need for surgery. My back/shoulder pain did NOT go away with wearing the correct size or with surgery, unfortunately.

As far as breast feeding goes, some women have trouble even if they have natural breasts. My mom did.

I think this is definitely a decision you need to make for yourself, after weighing the pros and cons (again?). Luckily, a lot of women have shared their experiences here and are willing to answer your questions.
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Hi there,

I know you're not talking me into surgery...and it's amazing to hear from someone pretty much my size who made this decision and is happier with their results. Congratulations!

I've gotten frequent headaches for years, but I never thought they could be related to my breast size... I always assumed they were sinus headaches or from not drinking enough water during the day. Is there a way to tell whether or not your headaches are related to breast size?

Also, I'm feeling more and more sure that I'm going to go through with the surgery. I've been wearing that new bra for the last several days, and--although it does make my figure look great--it also leaves red, burn-y marks by the end of a few hours, and I can't wait to take it off when I get home. If it's possible, I'd love to see your before and after pictures, since it's been hard to find photos of folks my size (so little around) who have had the procedure. I'd be happy to give you my e-mail address or something if you're comfortable sending them privately but don't want to post on here.

And if not, that's totally fine, too. Thank you so much for your support, and wishing you the best!
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I agree with you that a well-fitting bra makes a world of difference in how clothes fit and how you feel. That said, you still have big ol' boobies. I say that as someone who is 5'0", weighs about 117lbs, and wore 32DDD/F. So we're pretty much exactly the same size.

I'm 36 and just had surgery 4.5 weeks ago. I wish that I had done it YEARS ago.

Breastfeeding can be complicated even without surgery, and breastfeeding with large breasts can also be difficult. That's just going to have to be a really personal decision that you make, and I can't help with that.

I can say that while my well-fitting bras helped a lot, having the surgery and being about a 32C (haven't been fitted yet, but I'm guessing) has been the single greatest thing that I've ever done for myself. My sore neck and shoulders went away immediately, and I haven't had a single migraine since surgery (I used to have four a week). It's made a HUGE impact on my self-esteem and how I carry myself, and I look about 20 pounds lighter. Clothes fit so amazingly well that it's hard to even describe.

I'm not trying to talk you into surgery, as you may decide that this is just not the time for you to move forward with it, but I can almost promise that you won't ever regret doing it.
Good luck in deciding!
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You are about the same size as me, but three years younger. When I was 24 I was exactly 125lbs. and a 32G.... Now I am 27, and 123lbs. and a 32H. Over the past year I have gone from never having back and neck pain (I used to get so pissed when people would ask me if I had back pain, I thought it was the rudest thing ever, and they might as well just say "hey something is wrong with you") to having back pain ALL THE TIME. I had hoped to have mine after I was done having children because your results will stay more pristine that way, but it's simply not an option for me any more. The pain is sometimes so severe that I need drugs that totally suck to manage it. If you are 24 and already living with back and shoulder pain (which is something most people our age don't have!) it might be worth doing it now, while you don't have kids to chase after and can actually take the time to heal. As for breast feeding, my PS told me that 20% fewer women breast feed from groups who have had reductions then from groups who have never had breast surgery of any kind. She said of those, some chose not to, and of course many are not able to, so you are not guaranteeing you will not be able to breast feed, however if it is very important to you it might be worth your while to wait it out! Maybe your back will be more generous with you then mine was with me :) As for me, I talked to my primary care and my gyno about it, and they both pretty much told me babies can be healthy and happy on formula too.... My gyn even told me she was raised on formula. That was good enough for me! But I am in a position where I cannot wait any longer because of pain.
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Thanks so much for your support! I'm so sorry about the trouble you're having getting your reduction. It just makes me angry to think that you're being denied something so clearly medically necessary because of something as stupid as money. Nobody deserves to live with pain everyday! Sounds like you have a good support network with your husband and in-laws, though.

I'm wishing you all the best!
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Oh thank you, that is so sweet! I am in a much better place now :) I have both managed to scrape together the funding I need AND find a doctor who will take my insurance-- high deductible and all :) Now I am just picking! I am giving myself until the end of Jan. to pick, then I will decide for sure :) Surgery will definitely be by March... I do keep wondering though... Once I decide on the doc for sure and call to schedule will I just end up taking the next available date and forcing my schedule to conform? Lol!
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