I'm scheduled for a BBL & Lipo of my abs and flanks: I'm worried I might not have enough fat to get the results I want

  • Midnightmoon
  • Fairfax
  • 2 years ago

I'm 5.2 and weigh 128 pounds.  I have not been working out regularly because I'm having fat transfer from my abs and flank to my butt.  I'm worried I might not have enough fat to get the results I want.  I want a nice round perky butt in proportion with my body.  Also, once I have the BBL, how long do I have to wait to work out?  Will I lose my butt fat if I work it out?   I'm schedule to have the BBL on 5/28/12 in Baltimore.

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HI MIDNIGHTMOON! i am glad u liked your results!! is that ur before and after pic on the top of this page? if so it looks great! i am lookin forward on doing this procedure also but i am on the chicago il area
p.s. by the way its the first comment i make on realself =)
My surgery went great!!! I had more than enough fat to get the results I was looking for. The results so far surpassed my expectations. My body went from being squared to having a small waist, curvy hips, and a nice size round butt. I'm still bruised and swollen but my abs are completely flat. My doctor was the best! From the consult, surgery, results, follow ups - EVERYTHING!!! I picked him for his technique and I thank God I made that decision. For those of you who are still searching for a doctor - google Dr Ricardo Rodriguez in Baltimore. He has tons of videos to explain the process.

Hey there, how did your surgery go, did you have enough fat for the aount you wanted transferred?