Scheduled BBL with Dr. Moises Salama for January 24,2013 need LATER date! Please help!

  • FitToBe
  • 1 year ago

I am scheduled at Elite Plastic surgery with Dr. Salama and need to swap my January 24th date with someone with a later appointment. I would love someone in April or May if possible. Anyone out there need an earlier time?

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The lovely cubang1 helped me switch dates so now I am in for July 15! YAY! Hopefully I can get a few weeks earlier so fingers crossed!
hey i have an appointment for july 15, 2013 but its or a mommy make over i dont know if we can change since yours its for a bbl but im willing to.
You are great! Thank you thank you thank you!
Would take a June date or July.I'm just looking to switch ASAP. NOT looking to get paid.

Hey there, welcome!

Have you taken a look through the BBL reviews? There are always ladies wanting to switch and they usually put that in their title so you can weed out the reviews you're looking for.

Yeah, I have been blowing ladies' inboxes up lol. Still on the search! :)

Well hopefully you'll get someone soon! Good luck!