Scars and Chemical peels

  • DawnAdora
  • 1 year ago

Hi! I had acne while growing up and right now I'm 23 years old and heavily scarred by my past marks. I went to a skin centre today and she did a mild chemical peel on me. I have two more appointments with her for the same. I look in the mirror and everything looks the same. She also gave me a few cleanser, SPF and moisturizing samples. How is this peeling process going to work for me? Should I be doing something else instead? P.S. I have an extremely sensitive skin. Mild irritants give me burns or break outs. Whats best for me?

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During a chemical peel procedure, a chemical solution is applied to the skin, peeling away the top layers of the skin and causing new skin to grown. In most cases, the new skin is smoother and more even in color. Individuals may choose to undergo chemical peels due to wrinkles, scarring, or other cosmetic concerns. While chemical peels are often used to treat scars, in rare cases they can have side effects, including changes in skin color and even new scars, read more here -
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