Scared to remove PIP Implants for fear of what I'll look like - PLEASE HELP!!!

  • darlzaunaturale
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  • 2 years ago

Hi there, I'm so grateful that I stumbled across this website! Just reading all the other ladies' stories, reassures me that I'm not the only one. I really am so desperate for advice. I had PIPS implanted ten years ago and have been extremely happy with them....UNTIL this scandal exploded and the can of worms were released! My surgeon was Mr Alex Karidis. He done a wonderful job and I was very happy with the results. To be honest, I can't remember what my breasts looked like pre-op (?)

It may sound strange, but because I've had them for a decade now, they have literally become part of my body....part of me! I was around a 32A/B and went up to a 32DD. I recently got measured and was told I am now a 32E. Is that from weight gain? I was 18 when I had them done and am now 28. I have had no children and my breasts look perky, but quite natural and soft, with no sagging at all. Anyway, I went to see Mr K back in January...had an ultrasound scan done and everything appeared normal.

BUT....and here's the but...when I mentioned removing the implants and not replacing them, he really dismissed the whole thing saying, 'Oh no darling..they'll look saggy and deflated' He then went on to say he would replace them for another set of silicone implants at a discounted rate IF I were to have the procedure done within the next few months????? Is it just me, or were both comments totally inappropriate? I felt stuck between a rock and a hard place, until doing research and seeing all the other testimonials. I could have a breast uplift, but he did not mention this? Any suggestions for a plastic surgeon who has experience in dealing with extractions?   

To cut a long story short, I am fed up of this torture and I know so many of you are reading this and relating to my story. The endless thoughts and anxiety about what to do next, which surgeon to go to, but most of all, how will I look post-op?!? I want to stop crying ladies..... :'(   Why oh why did I have this done? I dont want to regret having my augmentation, because I've been soooo happy with my breasts up until now, but it's the 'not knowing' when they will rupture, or when complications will arise.   I'm so sorry for the 'essay'...I'm just desperate to be put in contact with others who are in the same position as me. My friends don't know about my breasts...they think they're natural! My bf and mum are the only people who know, but there's only so much you can tell them because they don't fully understand what I'm going through. I'm petrified they'll look disgusting and my bf will be put-off...although he is very supportive. It's just an insecurity of mine I guess...  

I'm not worried about how I'll look in clothes, because after watching 'Are My Boobs Safe?' which was aired last night, I'll just take a trip to Silicone Sally and get a gel bra! They looked fab!   Anyway, apologies again for the rambling....I just don't want to miss anything out. I am feeling for all you ladies out there and know how exhausting this is. If any of you out there can help, PLEASE contact me. I really need to make my mind up sharpish and I think you can help me make that decision. God bless you all xxx

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Hi there! You've come to right place where you'll certainly find other like minded women. It's amazing how hard it can be to find a doctor who supports explantation with no replacement. I think that's because they're trained to have your aesthetic well being in mind.

A lot of women are pleasantly surprised by how their breasts bounce back after surgery. You can probably expect to look somewhat like you did before. Perhaps you could have them out and if you want a lift and implants later you could go back for that? I'm no expert, just someone who's been managing this board for a while, and I see a lot of ladies do that.

Best of luck to you in making this decision. I hope you let us know what you decide to do!

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Hi there and thanks ever so much for your wise words. I am going to have them taken out - am booked in to see the surgeon on July 6th (I know...long wait). I know he will try to convince me to replace them, but I dont want to and never want these things in me ever again. So, I will see how they look and if after a few months they are not looking too good, I'll think about having an uplift. Tgey're wise words 'you learn from your mistakes' and although I have loved my breasts for ten years, its amazing how now I just want rid of them. I would advise anyone out there reading this who is contemplating a boob job for cosmetic reasons, to invest the money into a therapist and deal with the root of your insecurities.....because us women will always find fault with our bodies, be it our nose, chin, stomach. We must learn to love our bodies and not give a *bleep about anyone or what anyone thinks, because you know what....nobody's perfect!

Thankyou for this has made me so much more confident in making a decision. God bless you xxx
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So true Darlz that we will ALWAYS find imperfections with ourselves! Hugs, glad you have an appointment x
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