Best scar treatment and where did you buy it?

  • montana gal
  • Missoula, MT
  • 2 years ago

Not sure what kind of scar treatment to buy? Or where?

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I'm trying Scar Guard, I like that it's easy to use with a little paint brush. I haven't noticed any improvement yet.
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I had my BL just about 2 weeks ago on 4/10. At this point, I'm just hoping they will drop,fluff and even out. I plan to deal with the scarring with silicone sheets. I ordered some that are already cut and shaped to cover my lollipop incision. I used the sheets when I had foot surgery and unless it was coincidence... they seem to really work. I didn't have discoloration and they are smooth. Hopefully they will work as well on my boobies. Be aware that if you're using tape to hold the sheets in place may be causing irritation.
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I've tried so many. The silicone sheets worked wonders on my abdomen but irritated my breast like crazy. I used invicible scars and its done well on my breasts.
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Here's what one doctor has to say about scar creams (he's not too fond of them).

That said, Kimmers, our Breast Reduction/Tummy Tuck manager loves Palmer's Oil and some ladies like the silicone sheets.

Good luck!

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