Scar Tissue and Contour Problems

  • Sara H
  • 11 months ago

I've tried to ask this question twice but with the 500 character limit I feel I'm not getting  what I am asking across correctly. The answers I received do not answer my question, or rather I feel they are answering a question I am not asking. I'm interested in chin lipo for a double chin, but I have a scar on my right lower cheek and from that I have some scar tissue in that area. This scar tissue has caused some contour issues in my jawline - mainly the right side always looks a bit "puffier" than the left side, regardless of what weight I'm at, however when I am thinner it is much more obvious. I am wondering if after chin/jaw lipo that the contour, considering where the scar tissue is located, may possibly look a little more even to the other side. I am NOT asking if lipo will improve the appearance of the mark/scar itself - this is not about trying to make the scar less obvious. I am asking specifically about the tissue and contour of my jawline.  The doctor I had a consultation with has over 20 years of experience and is board certified in plastic surgery and in reconstructive surgery. He was optimistic that it would look a little smoother/more even. He didn't promise the moon, but didn't feel it would look any worse - quite the contrary that it would look better. I just wanted some more opinions. Thank you for your thoughtful responses!

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