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  • 3 years ago

TT with flank lipo on 4/21. Trying to get some scar treatment supplies on hand. I know my PS will give me a timeline for when I can start applying an ointment, but I curious to know if most women use Mederma. If so, what do you use? I looked at the Mederma website and there are several items...cream, gel, lotion. Not sure which to use. Also wondering, has anyone used Mederma on stretch marks that were not removed with the TT and also used the ointment on the actual incision? I may have a flat tummy when I'm done, but I still have stretch marks on my sides. Suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

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I'm 21 days op and was given the ok by my PS to start the silcone strips. The scar must be healed on the outside before you star scar therapy as per my PS. Hope this information helps.
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My c section scar was red and raised, not nice, so my ps said we may do scar therapy. Anyone know when silicone treatment begins? I am only 6 days post op and still have the same surgical tape covering my incision. Starting to itch which I know means it is healing.
Hi Kimmers you sent a reply about a garment you were wearing now where did you get it did you order it?
Hi Kimmers 6 weeks post op used silicone strips today under my garment,noticed my scar looked darker does anyone have any experience with silicone strips?

I had tried the strips for a while but did not like them.  They made my scar super red and itchy.  Now everyone is different and my skin is hyper sensitive so that could be the problem. 

I found I did best sticking to the Palmer's and Bio oil's with massage and my scar is completely flat.  It does turn red after I have done a big workout at the gym.  But then it does settle down in a few hours.  I believe that this is just all part of the healing process.  Scars can take 2-3 years to totally settle down. 

Stay away from the Mederma gel.  It is very drying and makes your skin flake. 

My personal favorites are Palmer's Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil and Bio Oil.  They both work wonderful but I prefer the smell of the Palmer's.
Thanks Kimmers!

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