Scar repair and compression garment questions...

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  • 3 years ago

1. I am going to my post op appt tomorrow and I am hoping to see if I can get a new compression garment. I am not a fan of the one he gave me. What kinds are you all wearing? Do you like them? Did you PS let you buy a different one? 2. Anyone doing anything with scar repair? I read about the silicone strips, etc. and just wondering if they are worth it?

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At my 4 week checkup, the PS said I didn't need the binder anymore, unless I want it. I do! :D

He said that now the swelling was all below the navel, so at least wear something to compress that. Trouble is, as mentioned above, they just don't provide the same comfort. The binder isn't exactly comfy, but it does provide support and doesn't leave my lower ab feeling swollen and sore at day's end.
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Thanks so much for the feedback! Sounds like you are doing very well after 6 weeks! I can't wait to get to at least the 4 week mark at this point! I am 2 weeks and 4 days away from that! I hear a lot of people wear the garment for a long time to be comfortable!
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My garment is a 3 strap velcro binder. It's kind of bulky, but mostly comfy and like a security blanket now. I am in week 6 and still wearing it.

I wore Spanx one day, but by the end of the day, it was just too tight. I find wearing Spanx or tummy control panties help with the snugness, but they just don't provide the comfort or support. By late in the day, my tummy feels tight and swollen. When I put the binder back on, after less than 1/2 hour, I am good again.

My PS recommended tea tree oil, in preference to Vitamin E oil. Since I can't get the Palmer's here, I got tea tree. He said I could use it even on the unhealed incision. I haven't used it much yet, though, as I have a bit of inflammation on the centre of the incision, so he told me to go back to the polysporin and gauze on it a couple times daily.
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my doc gave me a compression garment more like a girdle actually. heres a link to what mine looks like {Edited}

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What did your doctor say about a new compression garment? Kimmers really likes Palmers' Vitamin E Oil for scar healing, others rave about Mederma. Did your surgeon recommend anything in particular?

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