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Will my scar heal the same way?

  • luckyarrows
  • Toronto
  • 3 years ago

I'm currently contemplating a full TT with lipo of the abdomen. I have a scar due to an appendectomy which I got about 10 years ago that still remains slightly pink and raised against my pale skin tone. If I am to undergo a tummy tuck, will the scar heal in the same way? I've seen photos of women whose scars are now barely noticeable but I am not sure if my current scar is indicative of how a tummy tuck scar would end up healing. Any thoughts are much appreciated.

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Susanne is right. One of my scars prior to my TT was for emergency surgery due to an ectopic pregnancy. As I was being rushed into the OR, it was all I could do to convine my doctor to NOT give me a mid-line incision. So I got a below the bikini-line crazy one instead. Saved my life but got a jacked-up scar.

Your PS is concerned about your health for sure, but he or she is also wanting to do their best work and make their teeniest sutures. Your TT scar should heal nicely!

Best Wishes!!
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The general surgeon who did your appendectomy did not close the skin for beauty but for security instead..
Your scar may end up disappearing depending upon how low it is and how much loose skin or flab you have. Talk to you plastic surgeon about this and I am sure you will be very happy with your results...
Remember that the plastic surgeon closes your skin so that the scar is hardly noticeable. Good luck
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