When should my scar completely heal over after TT?

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  • england
  • 3 years ago

I am 12 days post op, and scar a little sore in places.

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I am 5 wks post tt and i have a hole that i have to wet/dry pack. My belly button looked good until today and it is really red did anybody else do that? Could my smaller garment be causing this?
Hi england,

Everyone is different but total healing can take weeks. Just keep an eye on it and if you notice any oozing, redness, it feels red hot or sutures pop through call your doctor.

You are still early in the process so be patient. I can remember having days where it didn't hurt at all and then the next day I would have sore spots. Then out of no where it would itch like crazy from within deep inside.

You are going to feel all sorts of crazy sensations as you heal but that is all part of it.
Hi Kimmers, i'm keeping a close eye on my wound, as i'm still very wary of infection. that aside, i'm so thrilled with my new shape, and that's with the swelling. It will completely transform what i now buy to wear, and i feel a shopping trip coming on soon!. I will hopefully add some new pics today. x

I am so happy for you :)   I am glad you are feeling better now.  I felt horrible for you when you hit the blues stage.  I remember that so well and it was awful...I cried my eyes out many of nights.  Thank goodness it passes.

Yes please post some more pictures.

Hmm, what does your surgeon say about this? You'll always have a scar, but the incision healing time can really vary from person to person. Hopefully some other RealSelfers will post their healing times here so you can get some idea.

Hi,its just me being paranoid. All of my scar has crusted over, and healing nicely, except about 1 inch of it which still needs dressing each morning, as it leaks a bit.(i'm 2 weeks post op today). Going back for a check up monday, so not too concerned. I know what to look for. will keep you posted.