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  • geegee in Concord
  • Concord, Calif. USA
  • 5 years ago

I am to have a


in two days. After reading these posts, I'm scared to death. Has anyone gone to the San Ramon Office?

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I had the Lifestyle Lift done last September by Dr. Gray who is great! The whole office is professional and helpful. It's been almost a year for me and I am still numb around my ears a little but the improvement is well worth it! I will be 60 next year and never intend to look like it and with this procedure, I never will. Don't be scared because they take really good care of you. I was scared at first but when the medication kicked in, I felt like taking a nap through the whole procedure. Good luck to you all and just bite the bullet and do it!
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I had the Lifestyle Lift at the San Ramon office two weeks ago, and am generally pleased with the outcome. I experienced a moderate amount of discomfort, bruising, and downtime. I'm retired, but I would not have considered going back to work until 12-14 days afterwards.
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okay well I wish I could help but I am going to have the surgery the same day you are....but now I am having different thoughts! And I might just back out and looser the 400.00.
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I went to San Ramon i had Dr Suess. He was very good.
Me too, same Dr. he is very good! No complaints!